Reflections on ITU Training Days with a Team of Dynamic SME Representatives

By Prof. Dr. Sebnem Burnaz, Istanbul Technical University  In Turkey 99.8% of all businesses are small and medium enterprises (SMEs). These businesses provide 73.8% of the total employment, realise 64.5% of the total turnover of the enterprises in the country and 56.3% of the total exports ( Although these numbers show the importance of SMEs …

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New Online Self-Assessment Tool for SMEs Launched

By Prof. Dr. Elena Garcia Barriocanal, Universidad de Alacalá. Self-assessment can be a powerful tool for SMEs to support sustainable growth. It helps SMEs to monitor performance, identify areas for improvement then develop smart strategies, that engage employees and adapt to changing market conditions. By leveraging the insights from self-assessment, SMEs can position themselves to …

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Mohamed Dembele

A Participant’s Experience

The SME Cluster Growth Mobility and Training Programme is currently underway with participants from six European partner regions taking part. Taking place over a 15-month period, the face-to-face workshop sessions are supplemented by online mentorship sessions offered by the facilitating partners that guide the SMEs towards identifying and taking action towards their growth strategies. In …

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Connecting Clusters

By Samantha Carty, Momentum November 2022, saw nine SME CG project partners from across seven European countries celebrate a successful get together to review almost two years of collaboration between engineering SMEs and HEIs. The transnational partner meeting of the SME Cluster Growth Project was hosted by University of Malaga at Link by UMA-Atech, a meeting …

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A Story of Growth

Project partners IMTBS scored an exclusive interview with Emile Karam, co-founder of Garantme. In this interview with Adeline Leroy, Deputy director Master Seed IMTbs Emile shares many insights and learnings from his journey so far. Watch this video to learn about Garantme, a start-up company, their fast growth implications, their strategy to achieve sustainable growth, …

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SME Cluster Growth Magazine

Issue #4

Welcome to the fourth edition of EMPOWER, the SME Cluster Growth project magazine. Throughout this issue, we will show you the latest activities and programmes developed within the framework of the SME Cluster Growth project, as well as some examples of business growth in which we analyse the keys to their success.