SME Cluster Growth Mobility and Training Programme

Designed as an interactive resource to help European businesses assess their management practices, identify bottlenecks and plan actions towards growth, regardless of their sector areas.

Welcome to SME Cluster Growth Self Assessment Tool

Test your growth potential and obtain recommendations about pathways to improve.

Capacity Building Workshops

A group of 60 SMEs will benefit from capacity building workshops focusing on change management, business model innovation, entrepreneurial mindset, capital and internationalisation, peer learning and cross-border hot desk schemes.

Online growth self-assessment tool

Online growth self-assessment tool for SMEs will be a crucial source for SME representatives across Europe to identify their particular challenges and refer to linked pathways for support for their growth challenges.

Mobility and Training Programme Toolkit

Mobility and Training Programme Toolkit will assist HEIs and relevant agencies to run similar programmes in their regions.

Training modules span

Change Management

Business Model Innovation

Entrepreneurial Mindset




SME Cluster Growth Magazine

Issue #4

Welcome to the fourth edition of EMPOWER, the SME Cluster Growth project magazine. Throughout this issue, we will show you the latest activities and programmes developed within the framework of the SME Cluster Growth project, as well as some examples of business growth in which we analyse the keys to their success.