Growth Needs Analysis Synthesis Report

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During the SME Cluster Growth project development phase it investigated the issues facing growth SMEs through a comprehensive set of expert and owner interviews, case studies and a major growth needs analysis survey.

This Growth Needs Analysis Synthesis Report distils and presents the main findings from this survey, research and interviews with groups of experts, SME representatives, entrepreneurs, and other relevant stakeholder groups. It shares insights and makes recommendations for forming the Cluster Growth Councils and shaping the Cluster Mobility and Training Programme. 

Regional Growth Needs Analysis Reports from seven partner regions

Southern Region, Ireland

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Andalusia, Spain

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Ile-De-France & Essonne, France

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Emilia Romagna, Italy

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Madrid/Henares-Corridor, Spain

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Good Practice Case Study Collection

Case Study Report

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SME Cluster Growth Magazine

Issue #4

Welcome to the fourth edition of EMPOWER, the SME Cluster Growth project magazine. Throughout this issue, we will show you the latest activities and programmes developed within the framework of the SME Cluster Growth project, as well as some examples of business growth in which we analyse the keys to their success.