Call for SME contributions to small and medium size enterprises (SME) growth needs survey – influence our research

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The SME’s Cluster Growth project aims to support small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) with their growth needs.  Our survey is a crucial exercise to achieve a deep understanding of SME experiences.  The results will be used to inform the European Commission, and SME Growth more broadly.

SME Cluster Growth partners are also involved in a series of in-depth expert interviews.  Our interview collection aims to address two fundamental questions: a) When it comes to growth, what are the good practices, and b) What are the needs of a SME experiencing successful growth. 

Why do we need to conduct these interviews?

▪ The extent of SME growth is relatively low across European countries,

▪  The understanding of how and why SMEs grow, as well as how they collaborate with universities to do so, needs to be broadened and promoted,

▪ The understanding of knowledge-driven SME growth is limited particularly with respect to strategies and tactics, motivations, challenges, and the skills and competencies required to engage in cooperation

▪ Developing specific knowledge about the potential opportunities for SMEs and universities to collaborate in order to facilitate and support SME growth is a key objective of this project.

Results will be shared on this website in the coming months.

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